The path to overcome

This book is about my path to overcome thyroid cancer, major depression and a hemorrhagic cerebrovascular accident caused by the rupture of a cerebral aneurysm. After these episodes, while I was under motor rehabilitation treatment, I decided to write about what I had been living. Thus, I started reflecting about life and I realized that even though I had reached my professional goals, I was not happy. I went through an existential crisis. I was very depressed, and I had anxiety attacks. I even thought about suicide. My faith and my four-year-old son prevented me from doing something so irrational. Afterwards, I found out I had thyroid cancer. I went through two surgeries and today I managed to get the disease controlled and I can say I am almost cured.

I went back to work, but when I thought I was ready to restart my professional routine, I had the hemorrhagic cerebrovascular accident. It was the worst moment of my life! I had a cardiac arrest after the implantation of a brain stent and at that moment I went through an almost death experience, which was surreal. In the book I detail this episode.

The greatest goal of this work is to help other people reflect on the meaning of life, since I have understood that my history can be an inspiration and an example so that those people can also change their lives. I want this book to motivate them not to give up their dreams and their lives. With all that has happened to me, I have learned that happiness is not restricted to professional success. I have learned we need to find balance in all sectors of our lives. Family, work, leisure, intellectuality, spirituality, health, etc. These sectors are the foundations for a successful life.

I have understood that these back to back diseases worked as an alert to show me I needed to radically change my lifestyle. Today, I want to help people fight against depression and suicide, warning them about how to prevent from cancer and cerebrovascular accidents. I can state that I have found in the words a path to minimize my pain and suffering. I wish I can be a hope, light, love and faith spot with my history.

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